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Live from Studio 1A!

Jan 24 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Yesterday I went into my local radio station, KUTX, and played three tunes from my new album. Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations and made me feel like a goddamn princess. First of all: my trio was incredible. On super short notice, Katie Marie and Christopher Cox worked up five songs from the record with creativity and precision. We rehearsed for a couple of hours on Sunday night and picked the three tunes that felt best.

In the morning we all arrived within a minute of each other, bright eyed, bushy tailed, caffeinated and ready to slay. Deidre greeted us outside, escorted us in, helped carry heavy drum gear and chatted while we set up. Our host John Aielli was working on another interview, so we got a little extra time to soundcheck and settle into the studio space. Although we had been told that we wouldn't be filming, the camera crew arrived and began setting up. I disappeared with my makeup bag because, feminist though I may be, I have little desire to be immortalized on youtube au naturale.

When I got back from primp town, one of my local heroes Laurie Gallardo was there chatting. My fondness for her is disproportionate to the extent to which we actually know each other, but I'm pretty determined to somehow trick her into coming my friend (Um, I guess this is your notice, Laurie. Lookout). So it was good to see her.

Then the band and I ran all three songs. Everything felt great in the monitors and just as we finished, John Aielli walked in. As soon as he spoke, I realized I had never had the experience of being interviewed by someone of whom I am a daily listener. Meeting him was like watching a cartoon character come to life; someone who previously existed in my mind in the abstract was now taking human form in front of me, interacting, reacting and saying really nice stuff.

When we finished our first song, John said, "Well nobody told me to prepared for what I’m hearing right now...this gal is a seriously good singer."

I almost fainted.

I don't usually blush. I don't usually get tongue tied. But, honestly, in all of my visualizing of how the morning would go down, being bathed in abject praise by a DJ that I know and love hadn't occurred to me. I stumbled through the interview segment and we played the second song, Forever Young Forever. Christopher led it off with the guitar lick and I honestly just let him and Katie carry me through it.

When we finished, John said something along the lines of "I can see her name in lights already...This is Rebecca Loebe and she is just hot stuff as far as I’m concerned… Absolutely stellar in my book.”

I think we talked some more but my feet weren't really touching the ground. I know we played a third song, Lie, because I just heard it on the radio. The drums sound incredible - major props to the engineer Cliff.

The whole performance is posted on the KUTX music archive at this link, along with a really nice write up in which some wonderful person describes me as "destined for Austin" and makes me sound way cooler than I've ever felt with the sentence "And, in true outlaw country fashion, her new record, Blink, grew partly out of a brush with the IRS."

You can read the whole thing, and hear all three songs, at this link:

Thanks to everyone at KUT, to my wonderful trio and everyone in Austin for this lovely feeling in the pit of my stomach right now.

PS: I know this is super humble-braggy but whatever. I deal with a lot of rejection in this line of work and when something feels good I wanna share that feeling. So here ya go :-)

PPS: They made a video of Easy Money, here it is: 

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