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Your Body Is Wonderful

Mar 25 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Have you thanked your body today for being a miracle? I’m not talking about tolerating or accepting yourself as you are. That’s not enough. Putting up with yourself shouldn’t be the best case scenario. Give yourself permission to celebrate the wonder that is your magnificent, delicious, beautiful bod. 

Yes, you.

I’m reminded this week that every morning that we wake up and every minute that we move freely through the world is an absolute marvel. How fragile and precious we are. What an incredible gift it is to be strong and mobile and to have a healthy vessel to carry us through life.

I’m thinking a little about this culture and the attitudes it cultivates towards these vessels. Body image. What a waste of time. Your body is exquisite because it is yours and carries you from experience to experience.

Your body is a radiant, vulnerable, precious revelation. Treasure it. End of rant.

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