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The Loebe/Terry Tour Rides Again!

Oct 28 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

This might be hard to believe, but I was pretty shy in college. Everyone at Berklee College of Music seemed so driven, so confident and so talented. I enrolled there as a freshman just a few weeks after I turned 17 and I was pretty terrified.

Starting freshman year, one of my favorite people in my classes was Jesse Terry. He had a smooth, beautiful voice and knew how to write incredible songs. I just loved watching him do his thing. Trivia: the few times I went to see his band play at frat parties were the only frat parties I ever attended and, now that I think of it, the only parties I attended during college period (#nerd).

So it is with extreme joy that I announce that our co-bill tour of the Midwest starts tonight! Please share this news with your friends in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota by either sharing this status or tagging them in the comments (or you could do both. I would definitely not complain).

Advance discount tickets are selling for most of these shows, you can grab yours at www.rebeccaloebe.com/tour.html and check out the venues linked below 

Rebecca Loebe & Jesse Terry!

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