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A Day On Tour With The Band!

Feb 23 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Phew! Usually I tour solo, just me and my guitar + a suitcase or two and a backpack. I make pit stops when I feel like it and sing weird harmonies to imaginary songs alone in the car.

For the album release shows this weekend I’m touring with my full band and IT. IS. SO. FUN!It’s also way more complicated, logistically. In case you’re curious, here’s what I did today:

- Woke up early at my dad’s house, sent newsletter about upcoming gigs this weekend.

- Showered, dressed, packed car- Drove to Torin (drummer)’s house

- Picked up Torin, drove to airport rental car center (both drivers required on paperwork)

- Rented car, learned after a few phone calls that credit card insurance doesn’t cover rentals vehicles over 9 passengers. “Recommended” supplemental insurance just became mandatory. Probably worth it.

- Back to Torin’s house to drop my car

- Picked up Will (bass) and Matt (guitar). Packed van.

- Drove 230 miles to Charlotte. We made only one pit stop which, surprisingly, I did not request (my bladder is usually the weakest link). I drove the first leg and Torin drove the second. I worked on show promo while he drove.

- Arrived at The Evening Muse about 20 minutes before load in. Unloaded gear, set up stage, ran through our loudest, softest and most confusing songs during soundcheck.

- Set up merch area

- Dinnertime! Across the street from the venue. Bumped into friends on the street, chatted while we ate.

- Changed clothes in the van

- Did my makeup in the club bathroom during Luke's beautiful set. Watched him transform a room full of strangers into a room full of new fans. 

- Got my mascara on just in time to sing on his last song

- Cried during Reeve Coobs’ set (seriously, she makes me feel like I’m seeing Eva Cassidy live)

- Played an utterly joyful 60 minute show that was among the most fun experiences I’ve ever had making music. I was relaxed and everything just really clicked. Pure bliss.

- Immediately after show beelined to the merch table, sold CDs and hugged til everyone was gone

- Packed van (band did most of it while I merched, bless them).

- Settled up, hugged venue folks goodbye

- Drove 20 miles to a seriously sketchy hotel (sorry guys!)

- Reversed enormous van into parking space perfectly

- Checked in, distributed keys, loaded out most gear (Torin's band had a bad break in on tour last year; we didn't want to take any chances). Carried our gear around the perimeter of the building 'til we found an open door, wandered through the halls, took up residence in hotel room

- Currently researching coffee/lunch options for tomorrow’s drive to Savannah

So that’s it! The total rundown of my first day on tour with the full band. Tomorrow we’re heading to Bluffton, SC, which is super close to Savannah, for a show at Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room before we hit Eddie's Attic in Atlanta on Saturday. Sorry I don’t have any pictures to share from today but I didn't get a chance to take any! Will work on that this weekend. Right now I'm gonna work on some sleep. Sending so much love!


Sleepy Becca

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