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LoebeQuest! In The Beginning...

May 12 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Hi guys,

First off: wow. Thank you! As of right now, 159 of you have contributed to the fundraising campaign for my new album at www.LoebeQuest.com. Thank you for hopping on the train early. Thank you for giving me the confidence - and the budget - I needed to book studio time and start planning the basics sessions. Thing have been moving really quickly this week and I have a lot of news to share!

Friends with ADD: Skip to the PS for information about how to get a sneak peek of new tunes! For the rest of you, here’s what’s going on:

* The team is being assembled! I will be working with my long-time collaborator Will Robertson as producer. You may recognize his name as the producer of my 2010 release “Mystery Prize.” I couldn’t be more thrilled about returning to the studio with him; I always feel great when he’s around.

* Will and I have been interviewing studios and engineers all week. I think we have chosen one - I’ll make an announcement about that once all the p’s and q’s are minded

* We have also been talking to an array of fabulous musicians, discussing the tones and flavors we want to incorporate into the album and hashing out boring stuff like schedules and budget. Some details are juicer than others, but it is all exciting. This band is gonna be dope.

I will spend the next six weeks on tour, mostly in Europe. Originally I was planning to tack a week or two on the end of that trip for some wanderlusting, but I decided that I was too excited about the album adventure to focus on anything else so I’m hightailing it home as soon as shows are done. At that point I will visit Will in Atlanta for pre-production (song selection, arranging, writing charts, plotting, planning, scheming, eating tacos, etc). Shortly after that we will begin recording with an elite crew of musical ninjas. I’m getting a tingle in my spine just thinking about it.

I am determined to not rush this process. I say that mostly as a reminder to myself because historically I have gotten so excited during the initial recording sessions that I’ve made time-sensitive plans that became challenging to keep (like, for example, booking the CD release tour before the final vocals were recorded, based on an optimistic projection of how long the remaining steps would take). I’ve learned - more than once - that this can add unwelcome stress to the final stages of this magical process. This time we aren’t gonna play that game.

So I thank you in advance for your patience. Since you are one of the very first people to contribute to this album, you’re going to be waiting the longest. But on the other hand, you’ll get the most updates and you get to bask in the smug satisfaction of knowing that you are a patron of the arts for longer than any of your friends. So at least there’s that!

My commitment to you is not to push on this record. Don’t get me wrong - I’m going to work my ass off, but I’m not going to paint myself in any corners, limit myself with any self-imposed deadlines or record any of the songs too fast. We’re going to take our time and get it just right. Thanks for your support as I move forward with this. I am so grateful to you for having faith in me!
With love and appreciation,

PS: All contributors to the LoebeQuest fundraiser receive a Three Song Sneak Peek of a few tunes that are going to be on the record. If you have contributed at www.LoebeQuest.com and have not yet received the sneak peek link, email fundraiser@rebeccaloebe.com and we’ll sort that out for you! Also take a listen to the live performance of “Forever Young Forever,” at the top of this post - that’s another tune that will most likely find its way onto the new album!

PPS: Gear Wishlist - Some of you have asked, so here it is! A wish list of gear and supplies we will need over the course of the project. Items on the list range from $.25 guitar picks to recording equipment that is considerably more spendy…I’ve outlined it all in an Amazon Wishlist, though I’m open to used gear if you’ve got a line on something on the list that’s in working order!

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