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This is Not Someone Else's Problem

Jul 7 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Sad morning. Sad week. Sad reality. I'm just so sad and angry about this unfair imbalance of justice and basic personal safety. So sad for the families of Philandro Castro, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Freddie Grey, so many more...

I have never feared for my life during a routine traffic stop. I am afraid, now, for the safety of my black friends.

This happens too much. Once is too much; what we have is an epidemic. Don't become desensitized. This isn't "someone else's problem." This problem belongs to all of us and we have to find a solution NOW. Lives are at stake.

We create this society together every day: every response IS an action, including inaction. We cannot accept this. It's too dangerous.

So I'm asking. What can be done? What can we do to help? What has to be done to make sure that ALL people in this country are EQUALLY safe under - and from - the law?

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