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I Love LA

Jul 19 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

I used to kinda live in LA. Truth be told, I was dating a guy who lived there and I was constantly making up excuses to fly out in between tours for a few days here, a week there, a month sometimes (especially over the summer and around the holidays). I only recently got out of the resulting credit card debt, but whatever. It was fun.

This is where we should start playing the Randy Newman song “I Love LA,” cuz I really do. Something about driving around in this town makes me feel great. Very free. Cheesy, but free. 

I flew in Saturday night and I’ll be here all week for gigs and to film a top secret project… Also visiting friends. I have a lot of wonderful, inspiring, talented friends here. They’re all working hard and I’m always really proud of the cool stuff they’re into.

Back when I spent a lot of time here I would come out between tours and pick up odd jobs to cover my bills. I worked as an extra on a couple TV shows and a Ben Stein “documentary” about how mainstream science and its pesky “facts” are suppressing religious science. That was a weird day. 

Sometimes I would work as an audio engineer and/or stage hand. One day I got a call for what I thought what was a stage labor gig but it turned out to be just a labor labor gig, deconstructing an enormous dome the government had erected in a parking lot to test fighting robots. I worked in the valley with a crew of 11 giant dudes from Venice Beach, most with neck tattoos, for 12 hours in the 106 degree July heat. At the end of the day I drove into Hollywood, walked into the bathroom at Molly Malone’s, scrubbed the dirt and slick black grease off my skin with a giant stack of paper towels and then climbed onstage to play a gig. 

During the writers strike in 2007, when none of those other odd jobs were available, I went into Canter’s on Fairfax for a cup of coffee, saw that they were hiring and got a job. I worked there for three weeks, both in the bakery and behind the 100-year old iron cash register. Occasionally when I wasn’t working I would sunbathe in the middle of the day on the roof of a tiny apartment next to the Hollywood Scientology Center and watch the spaceships - I mean helicopters - land.

I always have fun here. Tonight I’m playing a show on the beautiful new second stage of The Hotel Cafe. Yep, Tuesday, July 19. Doors at 6:30. Music at 7. 

I’ll be joined by my friends Tom Roslak and Adam Levy on drums and guitar, respectively. These dudes are instrumental ninja wizards and worth coming to see all on their own. We’ll be debuting songs from the album I’ve been recording all year. If you listen close, I’ll tell you all my secrets. 

If you’ve ever told me that you’ve got an uncle/sister/neighbor/hairdresser/runaway spouse in “the biz” out here…now would be the time to send ‘em out. This show is gonna be pretty righteous. 

Tickets here: https://www.hotelcafe.com/tickets/?s=events_view&id=5180

Hope to see you tonight.

PS: That photo is circa 2006 in, you guessed it, LA

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