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This Week in the UK

Sep 17 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

It’s been a long week. Since Monday I have traveled 1400 miles via six trains, four taxis, three buses and two airplanes, and played five lovely shows. Things crescendoed with an amazing twelve hours at Martyn Joseph's Pipefest in Lancaster, UK today. Part intimate music festival, part fan retreat, I found every aspect of diving into Martyn’s world to be inspiring.

The day was chock full with multiple performances plus community discussions, a Q&A workshop, group meals and a trivia quiz before the big evening concert. Along the way I took every opportunity I could to soak up the music and wisdom of fellow guest artist David Francey, a Canadian songwriter who blew my mind and my heart right open (seriously, check him out if you haven't heard him yet).

The day has left me with a full email list of new British friends and very few CDs in my luggage. I feel satisfied that I did the absolute most I could with this week and justified in shutting down my monkey brain to go do a little internet window shopping until I fall asleep. So, nighty night folks. Thanks for following along.



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