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Post-Tour Musings from the Back of a Mini-Van Heading Home on I-35. Too Exhausted to Come Up With a Better Title. So There.

Nov 18 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Have you ever woken up feeling like your entire body and soul had just been pressed flat and ground through a cartoon pasta making machine? That’s kinda how I felt this morning, but in a good way… Last week was wild and busy - on Sunday I helped coordinate the filming of six singer/songwriter promo videos at a fancy recording studio in Austin. Monday was spent taking care of last minute production details for the following week which included two rehearsal days that lasted over nine hours each and four shows, of which three were recorded for an album and two were filmed by multiple cameras. Whew! No wonder I’m tired… But seriously, the past week was an incredible experience. 

Making music with Raina Rose, Bernice and Bryan Hembree ( Smokey and the Mirror) Will Robertson and Daniel Walker was incredible. Everyone is so talented, and we had such a good time putting together arrangements of new and old songs. I’ve been working and planning for this project for almost a full year and now that this phase is over, I can honestly say that it was much, much more fun than I ever could have expected.

All this is to say thank you to you wonderful folks who came out to these shows, and to everyone who supports live music… We work hard to be able to do this for a living, but none of that work would matter a bit if we didn’t have support from folks like you. So thank you thank you thank you!

Huge thanks also to the beautiful souls that I had the good fortune to spend the past week making music with. I hope we find ourselves together in some dark room, messy van or squished stage again sometime very soon! xoxo


PS: I love this picture taken by Shawnee Kilgore at The Cactus Cafe in Austin last weekend 

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