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Giving Thanks For Our Brothers and Sisters at Standing Rock

Nov 24 | Posted by: Rebecca Loebe |

Does saying "Happy Thanksgiving" feel weird knowing that our native brothers and sisters are being attacked with firehouses in freezing temperatures in a battle to protect their sacred lands? Me too. There is a cognitive disconnect between the luxury and privilege of a comfortable holiday feast and what is happening today in Standing Rock. I love the spirit of this holiday - carving out time to share gratitude for our many blessings in the presence of our nearest and dearest. But I don't know how to reconcile that with the injustice of what is happening in North Dakota and the outrage I feel from its absence on the front page of our main news sources.

While I'm trying to figure out how I can be more helpful, I've sent them a little money for firewood. 

Sending out love in all directions,

PS: I almost forgot - happy thanksgiving ❤️

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